Trekking " WILD BLUE"



Four or six days of amazing trekking always immersed in the wild nature of Sardinia, nights in bivouac on the beautiful beaches.

Traits of easy climbing always assisted by a UIAGM Mountain Guide specializing in canyoning.

Every day stages are planned 5.8-hour walk, is then prompted for a good physical preparation.

Daily supplies of food and water are guaranteed by a procurement by sea, this will not bring too much weight in our backpacks.

A unique and unforgettable experience.

Start Location: Santa Maria Navarrese


Part 1 .Santa Maria Navarrese.

Da Pedra Longa in Portu Pedrosu

Length.12 km, Time hiking 9 h., Vertical drop of 1200 m. Diff. Climbing with steps of 3 °.

Part 2. From Portu Pedrosu to Goloritzè

Length. 9 km., Time. hiking. 6 h., Vert. Drop. 900m.,

Difficulty: exposed passages. 

Parte 3 .Cala Goloritz and in Baku Feilau / Padente.

length. 7,4km., Time hiking 8 hours . Vert. Drop 1160 m., Difficulty climbing up 4 +, rappels and exposure, challenging section.

Part 4. Feilau from Baku to Cala Sisine l

Length.7km., time hiking. 6,30h., Vert. drop. 1150m., Diff.4 ° and up- sailing  40m.

END path - 4 days.