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Gianni Carbone, who has been a passionate mountaineer for more than 30 years, spent his first 15 years of climbing in the Maritime alpine region near his birthplace of Sanremo. In those years he made some of the first lone ascents in these mountains along with occasional climbs on Mont Blanc and in the areas of Badile and the Dolomites.

In 1972 he had his first climb in Marocco at Jebel Aioui. During this period he had a sports shop in Sanremo - natuarally specialising in mountain equipment.

By 1978 he had acquired a high level of strength and fitness and almost as a joke, applied and then qualified to be an alpine guide. He then worked professionally as a Mountain Guide in the Mont Blanc area and in the Maritime Alps

This allowed him to move to Courmayeur in 1984 and work as an alpine guide accompanying and teaching clients mountain sports in the Aosta valley. He spent a lot of time as a Mont Blanc guide doing some of the classic and difficult climbs along with alpine and Heliskiing for which he is qualified.

He continues to pursue his passion for mountain sports for both professional and personal reasons both in Europe and other parts of the world such as Kenya (climbing the Nellion and Batian) on the Equador volcanoes of Chimboraxo Cotopaxi, in North and South Africa, the Middle East, trekking in Tibet and Nepal and attempting Everest with a client. He has a lot more projects for mountaineering in the future.