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Rock Climbing Courses Finale Ligure


Courses: Sport/Rock climbing, Free climbing,

the most beautiful crags in Finale Ligure


INSTRUCTOR: Mountain Guide, Master of Climbing IFMGA


 Day Course: price 60 euro per person

Basic instructions on progression and movement, equipment, safety pratices and the use of various tools of security for the leader and second climber.

Weekend Course: price 120 euro per person

Knowledge of the land, use of the rock climbing equipment, learning lead climbing, specific equipment, training, choice of the cliffs and difficulty depending on the level of the participants.

Weekly Course: price 300 euro per person

Monday to Friday, or for groups at different times according to the needs of the participants.
A complete course for beginners, the basic techniques of rock climbing and knowledge of equipment from the first-climb experience to a lead climb, training for inside and natural rock climbing, techniques on a climb with more pitches.

COMPANY rock climbing with guide

Prices from 50/100 to 200 Euros per person depending on the number of participants and requests.
For experienced climbers we offer single pitch crags, multi-pitch routes in Finale Ligure or other climbing crag sites in the region.
For those who would like to find, without fail, the most beautiful climbing sites in the hinterland and on the sea cliffs of Finale Ligure, assisted by a professional guide specialized in this field.


FREE CLIMBING is a newer sporting activity born from mountaineering which has much less formality in terms of the clothing etc. It has developed and refined to such a great degree that it is now a great experience for the climber. This new sport has given climbing a new philosophy. We offer basic and advanced courses for individuals and groups in different places worldwide depending on the period of the year. (See "Expeditions")

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