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Off-piste / Freeride Courmayeur Chamonix

Vallee Blanche, Mont Blanc off-piste.

The Vallee Blanche is an off-piste ski run down one of Mont Blanc's glaciers that descends towards the valley of Chamonix, forming a "sea of ice". Although the skiing is not particularly difficult, it is necessary be accompanied by a Mont Blanc mountain and ski guide since the run is very high up in the mountains (and on a glacier).
Depending on the snow conditions, the run is open from January until May.
It takes about 4 or 5 hours to get to Chamonix allowing for leisurely stops to take photos and to have a snack. On arrival in Chamonix, the taxi takes you back to Courmayeur.

Envers du Plan- Chamonix
Ski run for experienced skiers only. Departure from Aiguille du Midi. Season: from February to May.
The beauty of the area and the top quality of the snow are a paradise for all interests and tastes.
The mountain and ski guides will make your trip a most enjoyable one.

The Toula Glacier Mont Blanc offpiste -
Descent: 2100 meters. Level: good skiers. Advised period: Jan-May. Group: 8 skiers
The Toula Glacier is one of the most interesting downhill runs of the ski area surrounding Courmayeur: There are a choice of routes offering varying degrees of difficulty.
Your alpine ski guide, according to your skiing ability and the snow conditions, will choose the must thrilling runs of the day for you.

Grand Montets Chamonix (Pas des Chevres)
The difficult and steep slope from Argentiere to Grands Montets (3200 mt). By cable car the slope goes through the Aiguille du Dru to "Valle Blanche".
The Mont Blanc mountain ski guide will take care of logistical organisation.

Off-piste freeride in Courmayeur

Mount Frety woods
(first Mont Blanc le Pavillon cablecar station)
Vertical descent: 1000 mt. Difficulty: good skiers. Suggested period: January-May. Groups: 8 persons min/max.

Starting from the Pavillon cable car station it is possible to ski in woods but you need to be a good experienced skier.
The high quality of the snow and the natural fall lines of the mountain provide a great descent.

Off the ski slopes, freeride, in Col Checrouit and Val Veny

The wide slopes, the high fir-woods, the cold and powdery snow make Val Veny the realm of fresh snow.
Thanks to the Val Veny facilities of chair and skilifts, you can discover new tracks through the woods in search of the best snow and a really good time.

Arp Crest - Arp Vieille
Vertical descent: 1290 mt. Level: good skiers. Advised period: December-April. Groups: 8 skiers max.
The slopes are not very steep, so that while skiing you can enjoy the fantastic view of the Miage glacier and the southern face of Mont Blanc.

Arp Crest - Dolonne
Vertical descent: 1550 mt. Level: good skiers. Advised period: December-March. Groups: 8 skiers max.
One of the most frequented ski slopes, it combines the possibility of skiing through the woods and down to the wide gorge below the Arp Pass.

Arp Crest - La Balme
Vertical descent: 1440 mt. Difficulty: good skiers. Suggested period: December-March (snow depth allowing). Groups: 8 persons max.
A 6km long off-piste not returning to Val Veny. You can get La Balme (La Thuile) by crossing the fabulous Youla valley and then return to Courmayeur by bus. Apart from winters of high snow fall, it is generally spring snow skiing as being South facing can make the winter snow heavy.

Please note
The mountain ski guides will reserve the right to limit admission and to change the date of the trip to this trip depending on the ability of the participants and according to weather conditions. A passport or identity card is obligatory for the trip in France.